Tracie Martyn

Shanti Space Lift Mist



All-natural and luxurious room fragrance. A luxurious, exotic combination of Brazilian green tangerine and rare Indian pink lotus flower, Space Lift Mist is designed to freshen up every living space, room or car. Apart from the wonderful scent, the natural essential oils have a calming yet uplifting effect and have the ability to purify the air. Shanti is the translation of “Peace” in the ancient Sanskrit language. We hope this all-natural aromatherapy blend will bring peace and joy to your environment.

  • 3.3  FL OZ. / 100 ml
  • Free of petro-chemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances and unnecessary fillers.

Brit-born makeup artist turned New York-based A-list beauty expert, Tracie Martyn has drawn on decades of experience to create her powerful range of ultra luxe, all-natural skincare. Scientifically formulated for fast results, mimicking anti-aging technologies utilized in her trademarked Red Carpet Facial, these spa strength products blend organic botanicals with natural cosmeceuticals for gravity-defying effects.