Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, Botanical Oil Blends Set



This is your introduction to a full luxury healing experience through aroma. Wonderful when blended together, they are your perfect travel roller companions and play partners.

Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll date back to the early civilizations that provided us with a manual for elevated wellbeing.

Sex: The blend of Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, and Atlas Cedarwood is a total aphrodisiac.

Drugs: The blend of Cannabis, Rosewood, and Holy Basil will leave you feeling grounded and mellow.

Rock & Roll: A mix of Ruby Grapefruit, Vetiver, and Cardamom makes your heart dance and your body groove.

  • Size: 10ml roller bottle
  • Made in the USA

Victorine Deych is a leading New York City-based curator of all matters promoting wellbeing, beauty, and lifestyle.  With a spirit for fragrance and vitality, Victorine has found the medium in fusing scent within the health, luxury and entertainment realms. Focusing on the intention of materializing fragrance and true well-being to coexist, she has created Victorine, a line of unique, organic, and ethically sourced luxurious oil blends.  Holding certifications in botanical perfume and holistic nutrition, Victorine, has been combining her sense of adventure and expertise of all things holistic into products and experiences that engage the senses. With an insatiable thirst for impactful endeavors and products, her collection of luxury oils, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, was launched.