Christopher Kreiling

Philodendron Leaf Lounge Chair


Will ship within 7-8 weeks of order date


The Philodendron Leaf Lounge Chair is a one-of-a-kind beautifully hand-forged sculpture. The leaf shape lent itself perfectly to making a very comfortable lounge chair. The chair went through many bending phases to get it to the perfect seat back position so that one’s head can rest while the arms are at rest as well.

  • Dimensions: H 44 in. x W 44 in. x D 19 in.
  • Materials: hand-crafted metal, turned base metal, polished brass, forged
  • Made in Los Angeles

Christopher Kreiling is a Los Angeles based designer who views his projects as sculptures. He consults on interior installations by custom designing lighting and furniture, of which he also sells limited editions in various showrooms. Christopher Kreiling Studio designs and produces events that have gained the respect of global tastemakers by using a heightened sense of detail for all aspects of the happening. He is a true visionaire.