Dr. Barbara Sturm

Lip Balm


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Dr. Barbara Sturm’s unique Lip Balm is formulated to soothe and hydrate dry and cracked lips providing long-term comfort. Rich in moisture, whilst feeling light when applied to your lips, it gives them a silky soft glow and finish. The addition of anti-oxidant Vitamin E protects them from free radical environmental aggressors making it a must-have for all seasons. The delicate skin on your lips can become affected by harsh conditions, be it too much sun, cold winter temperatures, air-conditioning or heating. To counter this, our super-nourishing Lip Balm is infused with a blend of plant-based oils, butters and waxes. They work together to immediately restore comfort and offer long-term moisture and reliable protection against dehydration. Multi-use, the colorless Balm is gentle enough to be used to highlight your cheekbones, brow bones or for a light sheen on your eye lids. 

  • 0.4 FL OZ. / 12 ml
  • Instructions For Use: Smooth liberally onto the lips as needed, especially in dry, cold or windy weather.


Active Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Lanolin Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E

Free from harsh preservatives, silicones, fragrances and mineral oils. Non-vegan due to Lanolin and Bees Wax.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a German aesthetics doctor, world-recognized for  non-surgical anti-aging treatments and rejuvenation of the skin matrix.  Dr. Sturm translated her orthopedic research and practice into revolutionary
advances in aesthetic non-surgical medicine.

Inspired by her daily work Dr. Sturm has formulated Molecular Cosmetics for those
who have always wanted an uncomplicated yet highly effective skincare regime that  hydrates, protects and regenerates the skin. The line is a synergy of unique and  innovative active ingredients combined with potent natural extracts. The skincare line  deploys the anti-aging ingredient Purslane, also called the “fountain of youth drug”.  Purslane activates the immortality enzyme telomerase in our cells and delivers  anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects to the skin.  The best from aesthetic medicine and nature, made in Germany.