MZ Skin

Light-Therapy Golden Facial Treatment Device


On backorder, will ship by end of May. 


On backorder, will ship by end of May.

Taking at-home devices to the next level of luxe, MZ SKIN introduces its innovative new glowing skin, game-changer, Light-Therapy Golden Facial LED Device. It is an LED (Light Emitting Diode) mask designed for at-home use, promoting optimized skin transformation. 

The mask delivers a multicolored series of light therapy to the dermis to promote total skin rejuvenation. Light therapy can help solve a plethora of skin woes from calming inflammation to diminishing breakouts and reducing hyper-pigmentation; this is the new generation mask designed for total skin supremacy. 

Each light performs a targeted treatment:

Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production while reducing inflammation. This light helps to strengthen skin, has profound anti-aging benefits, and helps heal blemishes, repair sun damage and improve scars.

Blue light balances and clarifies the skin by reducing bacteria causing acne. With repetitive use, this light also helps improve blemished skin.

Green light reduces pigmentation, calms skin, and targets broken capillaries and sunspots.

Yellow light reduces redness and boosts circulation. It is ideal for sensitive skin as it boosts lymphatic flow and soothes the skin.  

White light, also known as the Infrared Light, penetrates deeply to promote wound healing and skin repair.

  • Benefits :
    •  Promotes total skin rejuvenation through a series of light therapies
    • Calms redness and inflammation caused by breakouts
    • Reduces hyper-pigmentation for an evener skin tone
    • Promotes collagen and elastin production
  • Directions:
    • Use 2-3 times per week, starting with 10 minutes of LED mask time and slowing building up to 30 minutes. Discover optimum results after about a month of regular at-home treatments.
    • Keep eyes closed during the light therapy.
    • The mask will auto-shutdown when the timer has completed.
  • Rituals:

Created by leading aesthetic doctor Dr. Maryam Zamani, MZ Skin was conceived with a desire to create an all-encompassing, results-driven skincare brand with luxurious yet potent, everyday anti-aging ingredients.  Maryam saw a gap in the market for doctor-led skincare, with all the essential clinical knowledge and high-performance ingredients, which also indulge our need for an opulent sensory experience.  Her unsurpassed knowledge of the skin, determination to only use the highest quality ingredients and delicate female touch saw the beginnings of MZ Skin; it has all the benefits of proven science, combined with sumptuous textures and beautiful, feminine packaging. Maryam had a vision of a brand every woman would be proud to have in their bedroom or bathroom, her elegant style with a modern twist is reflected in each product; they contain advanced anti-ageing formulations, including retinols, peptides, hyaluronic acid and advanced botanicals, but unlike most clinical-looking, doctor brands, MZ Skin is packaged in stunning bottles for dressing room glamour. The sophisticated floral design is comprised of delicate Hydrangea petals, representing the hydration that is present and essential within each formulation.