Lapis Lazuli Pipe



Crystal pipes are beautiful alternatives to your average smoking device, and we’re obsessed. Whether you swear by the healing properties of crystals or just think they are completely gorgeous, these Nomatiq pipes will make smoking even more magical. Made from the beautiful lapis lazuli pipe stone. Polished, smooth and includes a carb hole.

  • Crystal and brass
  • Each pipe comes with two extra brass filters.
  • Each piece is unique due to the natural differences in stones.
  • Approx 5″
  • CAUTION: For adult use only.

Nomatiq was founded in May of 2017 by Alice Kim and Orest Mashtaler. With a background in product design, and an entrepreneurial spirit, the founders of Nomatiq Co. are developing beautiful and intruiging products for an open-minded and progressive customer base.