Indian Garden, Gold Gown




Make a statement in this exquisite silk dress—a true “wow” piece inspired by an Indian garden.

The collection is a reflection Roopa’s travels throughout India and Australia, seeing numerous bold and colorful gardens that aren’t structured modern like the ones in the US.  The Smara, or the “memory of the garden”, filled with vivid petals striking against a bright background is gracefully translated to silhouettes adorned with embroidered bejeweled botanical motifs. Irresistible dark flowers, leaves and petals over large canvases for skirts and flowy dresses made with beautiful silks, velvets with rich metallic hand embroideries This collection invokes a feeling of organized chaos.

  • Creating beautiful garments from natural fibres, each piece is lovingly handcrafted and embellished by skilled artisans in India using time honoured traditions and offering unexpected techniques to modern silhouettes.
  • Roopa’s designs are made with respect to the artists and craftspeople who have expertly woven their magic into each thread to create very personal pieces that are unique
  • Asymmetric hem
  • Relaxed fit
  • 100% silk lining
  • Dry clean
  • Designed in America / Made in India
  • Will ship within 4-6 weeks of order date.



Roopa is a name synonymous with ethical, individual, luxury fashion. The brand’s vision is to respect artisans and artists, giving back while creating something entirely new, beautiful and yet, unexpected. Consciously slow-fashion, each piece in designed in collaboration with skilled craftspeople and centers on beautiful silhouettes, timeless embellishments and a bold attitude to color and print.

A desire to infuse art and the natural environment into the collection has become a strong narrative for the brand, as is heritage and community.

Each Roopa piece is designed as a future heirloom, to be thoughtfully handed down from one generation to the next, reinterpreted over and over again