MMCurate Collab

GOA Discovery Kit



MMCurate partnered with GOA to offer an exclusive discovery kit dedicated to eliminating the signs of aging that are caused by excess habit. The package includes Face Cleanser, Face Cream, Undereye Serum and Facial Serum.

  • Regenerative Face Cleanser (3.4 oz.): Created with Dark Phyto-Matter and a high concentration of organic antioxidants, the Regenerative Face Cleanser greatly reduces the look of acne, pore size, and fine expression lines, smoothing the surface of the skin. Detoxifying the topical layer of skin, the serum based cleanser rids it of toxins from pollution and other environmental, hazardous chemicals.
  • Regenerative Face Cream (1.7 oz.): A concentrated cream set to activate an ageless look, moisturize and resurface the skin from excess habits. Fused with organic extracts and advanced complexes like tripeptide-3,-5, and technologies like Matryxl 3000®, the Regenerative Face Cream carry’s a hyper-defense mechanism to reduce damages from the vices.
  • Undereye Anti-fatigue Serum (0.5 oz.): Advanced to lift, and give the appearance of tightening the contour of the eye which is damaged from fatigue and stress. The serum is formulated to replenish the skin’s structural frame and connectivity with botanical stem cells from the Globe Daisy plant which has the capability to regenerate itself after malnutrition and droughts. Dark Phyto-Matter works with these cells to produce a younger and fresher appearance.
  • Collagen + Control Facial Serum (1.7 oz.): Composed of our proprietary ingredient, Dark Phyto-Matter and other organic ingredients which specifically target the changes on the facial skin when exposed to influences like alcohol, smoke, stress and fatigue. The serum reduces the look of fine expression lines and smoothes the skin’s surface while also achieving a very fast absorption time.

GOA’s founder, Rodrigo Diaz, is Mexican-born Canadian with a background in biochemistry and a love for design, which was formalized at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. He has worked with luxury brands including Max Mara, Salvatore Ferragamo and finally Christian Dior, which moved him to India to head up their design and production team. It was there that Diaz became intrigued by India’s traditional skincare rituals and holism, ultimately leading him into the world of skincare and the creation of GOA Skincare, anti-vice skin solutions.