MMCurate Collab
By Marjan

Eye Lash Necklace, White Gold



This playful, modern take on the protective talisman boasts a blue sapphire eye and lashes made from diamond baguettes, set in white gold with a white gold chain.

  • Dimensions: eye 12mm x 8mm, drop 23cm
  • Gemstone: blue sapphire, diamond baguettes
  • Gold Chain: 18K white gold

By Marjan is a jewelry brand whose name evokes images turquoise waters and fiery coral reefs.  Deriving its name from “Marjan” – which means “coral” in Farsi – this unique collection of handcrafted jewelry is rich in colorful gemstones, age-old symbols and good-luck charms.  Its founder, Marjan Hassanein, a graduate of GIA, honed her skills at Cartier, Chaumet and O.J. Perrin before carving herself a niche in jewelry design to cater to stylish women looking for elegantly classic pieces with a modern, exotic edge.