Tom Dixon

Eclectic Candle, Giftset


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A trio of mini scented candles contained within a hand-spun vessel formed of copper, nickel and brass.

  • Colors:
    • Royalty; encased in a nickel hand-spun vessel. Scent Notes Top: Cologne, Bergamot and Lemon. Heart: Earl Grey Tea, Verbena and Mint. Base: Cedar Wood.
      • A reminiscence of tea time with a pot of Earl Grey, scones, strawberry jam and the drive home in a ’52 Bentley with tatty leather seats.
    • Orientalist; encased in a brass hand-spun vessel. Scent Notes Top: Cassis and Violet Leaves. Heart: Rose, Magnolia, Geranium, Clove and Cinnamon. Base: Patchouli, Amber and Musk.
      • Orientalist captures the faint memory of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands, giant cinnamon sticks on beach stalls and the musky smells of the Chinese herbal market.
    • London; encased in a copper hand-spun vessel. Scent Notes Top: Black Pepper. Heart: Oud Wood and Vetiver. Base: Cedar Wood and Patchouli.
      • London captures the smell of red brick and London parks with crocuses and nettles, and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham.
  • Burn time: 20 hours per candle.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 cm x 6.5 cm

Tom Dixon is a leading British design brand whose distribution spans 65 countries. Established in 2002, the Tom Dixon brand is inspired by its unique British heritage, and launches lighting, furniture and accessories collections annually in Milan, New York, London and Paris.