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Brigadeiro Bakery

Galactic Discovery Box


Delivery within 2-3 days of order date.


Brigadeiros Box of 12:

  • Classic selection:
    • Chocolate Brigadeiro
    • Coconut Brigadeiro
    • White Crunch Brigadeiro
    • Two Lovers Brigadeiro
  • Exclusive sleeve
  • Available in Manhattan only.

Brigadeiros are truffle-size chocolate balls made simply with condensed milk, butter, and chocolate. They gained popularity in the 1940’s in Brazil and have enjoyed a cult following ever since.  Like many nostalgic treats in America, Brigadeiros bring back fond childhood memories for Brazilians. While they are occasionally prepared with adulthood (pistachio, cocoa nibs) don’t be fooled, at its center is just pure deliciousness, the type that doesn’t need to be analyzed; just enjoyed.