Feyz Studio

Cut Vase, Midnight Blue



‘Cut’ came from a series of experimentations playing with the thickness and surface of hot glass to create a rippling effect. Inspired by the glistening lights of the cosmos, the piece captures a similar, ever-changing light effect. By “cutting” the hot, honey-like glass, and then blowing it up, FEYZ created glass pieces that look liquid and malleable. The glass seems to change with every angle, remaining fluid in perception and creating a uniquely Astral dispersion of light.

  • Handblown glass
  • Single-color: Midnight Blue
  • Small: 6″ globes
  • Handmade in Brooklyn

Turkish designer, Feyza Köksal is the founder FEYZ studio in Brooklyn, where her lighting creations are entirely handcrafted. She forgoes traditional design for building pieces that challenge the usual understanding of a wall light or standing light. Drawing inspiration from her Turkish heritage, she creates lighting sculptures that are dark and moody in contemporary ways. The adaptability of her light fixtures allows them to achieve a sculptural quality by consciously responding to their environments and seamlessly integrating into the surrounding space. In May 2017, Feyza won the “emerging Product Designer” award at the  NYC x Design awards hosted by ICFF and Interior Design Magazine.