Yliana Yepez

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Parisian born, and Venezuelan raised, Yliana Yepez launched her eponymous New York City based luxury handbag brand in 2013. As a model in her teenage years, Yliana was inspired by the international design community and stylish locales where she traveled for work. This had a significant impact on her and began to inform her own personal style and eye for design. At the age of 23, she co-founded one of the first successful Venezuelan based accessory brands, BLUES by kyky. Over 18 years, the brand amassed a huge national following, became a household name and included eight free-standing retail shops.


Now, with her high fashion sensibility and global minded soul, Yliana brings her signature design approach to the YLIANA YEPEZ brand. Centered around exquisite craftsmanship and luxury materials, the collection’s iconic styles range from day bags to minaudieres, and encompass a joie de vivre through bold and vibrant colors and imaginative design details.