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Objet-a is the thing you never new you desired.

Beaded Works is the first collection from Objet-a, a multi category line. We create pieces that have been in our past, shaped who we were and who we are now, our personality and personal style. Items loved, now elevated.

Each piece from the Beaded Works group is one of kind.

Every stone, bead and chain is hand picked for its color and shape and attitude to create separate identities for each piece. While there may be similarities between the objects, not one is exactly the same.

Color combinations, chains and lengths will change creating a new vibe and a new presence to each piece while keeping our aesthetic consistent.

These pieces are meant to be worn day into evening, enjoyed, not precious, to be lived in, made your own, t-shirts, gowns, blouses, bathing suits or nothing at all. The piece you never want to take off.