Giorgio Casu

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Giorgio Casu is a contemporary visual artist and designer whose signature style has achieved a global following of distinguished collectors, galleries and art lovers. Using bright acrylics on canvas, he creates bold, multi-layered, thought-provoking artworks, which translate a variety of spiritual and cultural symbols. His pieces are inspired by diverse styles such as renaissance painting, tattoo art, Japanese woodblock printing, North American sign painting, religious, spiritual and anthropological iconography. Over the past decade, Giorgio has collaborated with various art movements and galleries in the US, UK, Australia and Italy, where he has organized exhibitions, installations and live performances while continuously experimenting with multiple mediums including painting, photography, digital work, comic art, sculpture, product design, fashion, street art, bodypainting, music, theatre and modern dance. His works have been shown in major cultural events and venues, including Art Basel in Miami, AIPAD, a photography show organized by the MOMA, The New York Times Center and the White House where he exhibited his portrait of the president Obama.