Canvas & Hyde

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“I have always thought that to buy one beautiful, timeless piece was truly investment shopping. The blending of quality details, materials and workmanship has always enthralled me. There is something so innately rewarding about creating the best.” — Lisa Pongrass, Founder

After years in the fashion industry, Canvas & Hyde saw a need in the market for bags and accessories that were both luxurious and durable. Their emphasis is on quality craftsmanship and an urban minimal aesthetic. Their bags are built to last and have a timeless elegance, in contrast to the trend-driven fashion of the moment.

Living in Brooklyn opened their eyes to the possibilities of local manufacturing. Canvas & Hyde were very interested in bringing American-made quality craftsmanship back to life.

Their products are the perfect “go anywhere” bags, from Montauk to Monte Carlo. More than just a dedication to style and quality, they’re representative of the busy and international lifestyle you lead.