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The Bondeye line encompasses two distinct collections, Classic & Bold, which reflect the duality of women. There are days we feel classic: simple, elegant and timeless. There are days we feel bold: confident we can take on the world. Jess designed the collections to complement one another and to appeal to all women, to all of our powers, strengths, and emotions. Jess believes that the jewelry you wear can and should reflect how you feel on any given day, and Bondeye Jewelry™ allows women to do just that.

“Bondeye reflects my personal style and identity. My ears never match, my hands are never just one color of gold or one kind of stone, and my arms are never bare. The jewelry I choose to wear expresses my mood, my style and my energy. My pieces are meant to be mixed, matched and layered together, or worn on their own as a statement of one’s own natural and unique beauty.” – Jess